Protecting Your PC

Although Mac computers do fall prey to attacks by viruses and malware from time to time, Windows computers are far more susceptible. The reason why PC’s are so much more vulnerable to viruses and other forms of malware is because Windows computers are so affordable and therefore accessible to a larger group of people. The fact that most people can afford a Windows machine means that computers with Windows operating systems have become the most popular personal computer out there. And because these computers, running a Windows operating system are so popular they make the best target for virus and malware programmers. As a result, Windows virus protection is an absolute must for PC owners.

It makes sense that if you’re programming a virus that you would want as many computers as possible to become infected. After all, the whole point of a virus is to spread. Viruses are a type of malware characterized by the fact that it can replicate itself and thus spread from one computer to the next. Windows virus protection software is a type of code that is designed to help protect your Windows operating system from becoming infected with a virus. Some anti-virus programs also include an anti-malware component to protect you from other, non-replicating types of malware as well.

If you own a PC and use Internet Explorer as your browser you’re even more susceptible to infection by a virus or malware. Basically, the same concept behind why Windows operating systems are more vulnerable to attack can explain why people using Internet Explorer  are more likely to have their computer become infected some type of malware. The popularity of Internet Explorer makes this particular browser a worthy method of transmission. Virus programmers want their virus to spread to as many computers as possible. Designing a virus to spread to Windows operating systems across Internet Explorer will thus reach the widest audience. Windows virus protection software is designed to protect computers using a Windows operating system no matter what browser they happen to be using on their PC.

Though most Windows virus protection software can protect your computer from most threats, it’s important that you choose an anti-virus program that can offer you the biggest bang for your buck. Downloading a free version of anti-virus software isn’t necessarily the best choice, unless you’re seriously impoverished. Viruses that endanger the health and well-being of your computer can be far more costly than the paid versions of anti-virus software. A good virus protection software program will offer you regular updates to keep you protected from the latest malware threats as they are released online.

Windows virus protection is easy to find online. Simply do a search and a number of options will reveal themselves to you. Research the anti-virus software before you download it and make sure that consumers are giving it high reviews. If you fail to do updates to your anti-virus software, your computer remains vulnerable to attack. Keep your anti-virus software updated after you’ve installed it on your computer.


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